Sunday 15 June 2014

Customize the home with the typography letters

There is a tendency that for some time depopulates among fans of home decor that takes inspiration from furniture industry: the walls adorn themselves with typographic letters that make up words, phrases or even aphorisms. They are pickled wood, pure shabby chic style, galvanized aluminum or copper, in an adhesive version, and even fabric.

Some people choose their initials, there are those who decide to give a name to a room and then there
the words most listed, such  Love, Home, Hope, Relax or Food or Eat and of course the "welcome", which from the doormat of the front door, he was promoted to the walls of the house and takes a value of true and sincere welcome message.
Even the furniture can take on new forms taking a cue from this trend as you can see HERE, where I have designed for you, some exclusive 3d models.
in this gallery of images collected from the web, you can see some interesting examples
wall with wooden letters in relief
letters for decor
the corner office
how to renew an old furniture
 to dress your walls with letters
 funny even in the kitchen
to great effect in the living room

 how to customize an entrance or corridor
 and also the bedroom

 ideas for hanging

and now getting wild your creativity !

Sunday 6 April 2014

international workshop of architecture in Italy by Archistart

Excellent Initiative promoted by archiSTART : an international workshop of architecture conceived as a leisure moment with the aim of generating participation experiences among students and young graduates under 30.

100 youngsters from all over the world will have the chance to live 7 days full of architecture and entertainment in the wonderful coasts of Salento.
The innovative aspect of this initiative is the break with the classical linear learning processes, relying on some contemporaneous factors:

- integration and cultural exchanges among students from all over the world in one professional context, with the opportunity to improve foreign language and get in touch with different lifestyles.