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Ngọc Báu - Hanoi city, Vietnam country
Mandarin Garden Complex to see in full size click here 

furnish is an art that can be learned , but like all arts it is necessary that the base there is a particular predisposition, No one can become a dancer if you do not feel the rhythm,  the exercise and continued commitment can help, but it is really impossible to get excellent results . I am convinced that the ability to coordinate styles, colors and materials to create environments of great aesthetic impact and functional is an innate gift that some have and others do not.

The technology in this sense is creating many false illusions because in fact everyone today, even though denied for the drawing, can put together a few nice layout. The programs for 3d modeling and rendering engines allow you to do things that until a few years ago, only those who knew how to use his hands would have been able to produce. But the technical knowledge of the use of a program of this type,  it can not replace the artistic sensibility that is the natural gift that allows you to have that extra something that makes you stand out from the mass by creating consensus and approval.
In a nutshell, the Talent, is not a product of technology and the images and  that we will present in this section of the site is dedicated to them: the talents of international designers.

We open this section with a promising
architectNgọc Bau -
                 Hanoi city, Vietnam 
the project: Mandarin Garden Complex
                      apartment in Hanoi city
 year: 2013
Copyright © all rights reserved

The color palettes are perfectly balanced and the spaces are well divided; the furnishing elements although very modern take in their entirety a timeless look, the attention to detail is extraordinary.

Ngọc Bau  Copyright © all rights reserved


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    1. Hi Waner
      this is a real project Mandarin Garden Complex in Hanoi city - Copyright all rights reserved

  2. Very good!! Was it made in v ray for sketchup?

  3. Greatttt !!!!!!!!!! where is I can Get your material, like wallpaper, or others material. thanks before...

    1. on sketchup texture :Dhttp://www.sketchuptexture.com/

  4. Very nice ... Do vropt's to send the my mail .....amirveron2013@yahoo.com