Monday, 25 November 2013


When it comes to color, there is no clear trend as such. As we have seen, the color palette on the catwalk is highly varied and the same can be said of the world of home interiors. Pastels, bright or fluorescent colors.

A good designer knows how to take a cue from trends, knows make them own and knows how to give his own interpretation to the same knows very well that one should never think with the head of the other,  and knows that Any color palette can be modeled with its own style. In every trend, there's always something special that it solicits our creativity.

Personally, I suffer the timeless charm of the look regenerated, this topic is expanding rapidly and is gaining ground in the design of any type of environment. Have you asked yourself why?
… because in times of great economic crisis, when the future seems uncertain, people try to surround yourself with things, colors and environments that give a feeling of protection and safety: go back in time, to  re finding  scents and colors related to the past, brings serenity and calm.
For this reason, personally I predict that will be a big success the mix of old and new material: wood + steel + bricks, two hot elements in support of a glossy material and cold which together create a  modern-rustic that can be dosed as needed going from a totally-rustic to modern warm and refined. It will be your feeling to decide how and how much !
The 'reclaimed' trend crops up in a variety of looks 


Re-using authentic floors and pieces of furniture remains very popular. Old, weathered pieces, full of character, tell their own story. Wormholes, cracks, tiny nail holes… are not considered imperfections. These perceived 'flaws' make a floor stand out and add a strong authentic charm to a room

The stencil on the old reclaimed wood floors can really create unique environments with an antique flavor, romantic and refined. In this regard, we have developed two albums of textures to give you some inspiration  as you can see by clicking here in the section Wood Texture


Furniture and accessories are often treated with a patina to give them a rural look. The patina subdues the effect of the knots and cracks. It softens the rough appearance of the original reclaimed floor, lending a floor a softer, romantic look

In today's home interiors, a painted, peeled-off look is gaining popularity. Old planks, that were once painted to give them a second life, started flaking and peeling off in some places. The white paint, combined with the wood grain that has become subtly visible again, exudes an authentic reclaimed and romantic feel.


'Saw cuts' are set to remain a success. The pattern of the saw cuts goes back to time-aged planks that are cut using a chainsaw. The irregular cuts produced by the vibration of the saw lend the floor an authentic and artisan look. The random effect of the saw cuts creates a nice balance without being overwhelming.

In the coming years, the oak is destined to be among the most sought after species of wood. The models in classic oak continue to be widely appreciated, in response to requests, on the market you can find a variety of models ranging from reclaimed oak with that aged look - with cracks, saw cuts and nail holes - a milder version covered with a patina or a peeling paint or brushed wood or wood hand-planed.

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