Friday, 29 November 2013


NEUTRA is new collection for Italian and international markets from Arnaboldi Angelo srl in Seregno  ( Milano) , a historic name in the Italian stone industry. NEUTRA is a sophisticated line of stone and marble pieces and accessories for the bathroom, that takes its inspiration from nature to propagate a new, pleasurable style of well being. It is not intended exclusively for the home, also suiting wellness centers, places of hospitality and yachts.

NEUTRA Is for those seeking original products of high design, those who appreciate genuine luxury rooted in the material.’s substance. The collection includes counter top and wall mounted wash basins, monoliths, bathtubs, shower trays and shelves featuring practical, contemporary designs, floor and wall tiles with elegant textures and furnishing accessories carved in beautiful rare woods

The foundation of the NEUTRA collection is the idea of bringing together nature and high quality design, adopting an innovative style that stands out for its originality and sophistication on the multi faceted market of bathroom fixtures. The established experienced of studio Nespoli e Novara, which conceived the collection, is supported by the contributions of the contemporary master designer Matteo Thun and the creativity of Elia Nedkov with his experience exploring design and communication themes.

Neutra, it is not only solutions bathroom and wellness but also endless textures for walls and floors, boasts a wide range of materials and finishes, including the most innovative Augmented Texture, the designer of Bulgarian origin Elia Nedkov.

A series of wall coverings that expresses a highly original approach to design for both innovative formats (50 × 50, 25 × 50 and 25 × 100 cm) and for the combination of surfaces in nine varieties of stone carved with smooth or textured special and different thicknesses to create 3D effects. A series with a functional communicative component, which can be enhanced by light beams to LED. Una proposal particularly suitable for indoor, outdoor and contract use.

These items are created with nine varieties of stone coming from select quarries in Italy and abroad, and are carved from a single block of stone. Then they are worked with avant garde technologies and hand finished to a soft, velvety touch. This perfect mix of creativity, artisanal passion, and high professionalism expresses the most genuine essence of Made in Italy 

BASALTINA : This grey lava stone has a compact structure with a granular texture. It may have zones of varying density and tints range from grey to brown 
MOON STONEThis compact fine-grained sedimentary stone contains fossil fragments, and cream or beige calcareous colorations  
NAMIBThis fine-grained cream or beige stone contains fossil fragments, and cream or brown calcareous colorations 
BLACK ROCK: this black quartzite with thin white veins and very fine grain has a metamorphic origin with a schistose and siliceous nature
SINAIthis compact, uniform grey-green sandstone may have matte patches and oval spots with differing tonality and consistency from a different sedimentation.
PAT GRAYThis compact, uniform and fine-grained stone is warm grey-colored
SAND BROWNLight-brown and fine-grained stone may have thin darker veins giving elegance and warmth to this material 
CARRARA WITHE MARBLEThis marble varies from mottled white to light grey with a medium grain. It has grey veins and irregular white stripes due to the presence of microcrystalline pyrite
SILVER STONEThis grey sandstone with has great opacity and variable granulosity, due to the presence of bright spots of mica flakes